How to make 2014 Your Best Year Ever – Part 2

2014_miniText: Philippians 3:13


  • Forgetting what lies behind: Philippians 3:13-14
  • Leaning forward to what lies ahead: Isaiah 43:18-19
  • There are things tht can’t be left behind and there are things that must be left behind. This message is about how to discern the two lists.
  • You come to know Christ at a moment in time, but you demonstrate conversion by the way you live.

1. I must forget those things which are behind (v 13a)

  • The contextual thing forgetting is the pride of life – that pride won’t save Paul (or me); or forgetting the things that make me believe I don’t need Jesus Christ
  • Looking in the rearview mirror we often see lies
  • Lies about needing Jesus. I don’t need Jesus because: I’m smart; attracted or talented; young or healthy; I’m good; I’m too bad;
  • There is just one answer to every human condition: Jesus Christ (John 3:16)
  • For some people pain and shame keep me looking backwards
  • Forgetting means the massive mountain of pain holding me getting forward in 2014
  • Forgetting means forgiving
  • I can’t forget until I forgive
  • Forgiving is the letting go, stop carrying it around
  • The Bible calls for immediate, unilateral, total forgiveness.
  • Immediate means right now
  • Unilateral means no strings attached, all people, nothing held back
  • Total means everything, all offenses
  • Forgiveness is not: resourcing, rescuing, risking
  • Forgiveness is a decision to release a person from the obligation that resulted when they injured me.
  • Forgiveness is saying “you don’t owe me”
  • You don’t need to tell a person you forgive them
  • Forgiveness takes time
  • Forgiving begins in a crisis and continues through a process.
  • All that has been is for what is coming
  • Get a high view of God (Isaiah 43)
  • Manassa – God has made me forget (Genesis 41:51)
  • Put reminders in my life of God’s faithfulness and goodness – it’ll help me with forgiveness
  • Forgetting does not mean forgetting the lessons learned, just the pain, problems, etc.

2. I must lean forward to the things that are ahead (v 13b)

  • Lean forward carries the notion of 100% dedication, using every ounce of their being to get that millimeter forward
  • Carrying the past puts me on my heels
  • HBC year end $ need has been met
  • 5G: Glorifying, Growing, Gracious, Grateful, Generous


Christmas Gifts From Jesus


  • Text: John 16:16-33
  • What is the best Christmas present I ever received?
  • Don’t think of gift giving as the secularising of Christmas; Christ gave the ultimate gift

1. Ultimate Joy  (v.16-22)

  • Jesus said “a little while longer” multiple times in John 10-16
  • Jesus exudes patience with the disciples.
  • Weep means to cry or wail, as in death
  • The worlds view of Christ’s death is vindication
  • Sorrowful means the soul pain associated with significant loss
  • The very sorrow you feel will be transformed into joy
  • The War on Christmas – We should not care – the Christians love Jesus and that’s the end, it’s not a popular position – stop fighting for Christmas. The followers of Jesus are celebrating the Christmas story, everyone else is against the fact it happened.
  • Be an example of the joy that Jesus brought into the world

2. Answered Prayer (v.23-24)

  • Why aren’t more christians experiencing the joy of answered prayer? James 4 says I don’t ask or I ask “amiss”
  • Ask in Jesus’ name – that is the atmosphere I submit my prayer life in
  • Asking in His name means: Connected to Jesus; Covered by the work of Jesus; consistent with the goals of Jesus
  • 5 confident prayers: salvation (2 Peter 3:9); forgiveness (Eph 4:32); endurance (Heb 10:39); faith (Mark 9:24); gratitude (1 Thes 5:18)

3. Father Love  (v.25-28)

4. Lasting Peace  (v.29-32)

  • Jesus does not abandon us when we abandon Him
  • Peace is the calm assurance that what God is doing is best

5. Overcoming Heart  (v.33)

  • Take Heart means take courage, be of good cheer; get after it, step up into the faithfulness of God
  • There is nothin worth having that is not worth persevering and overcoming for


  • The gift is Jesus himself