How to bless the Lord


  • Text: John 12:1-8
  • Blessed: moved my heart, raised my spirits, stirred my affections
  • Blessed means a formula of words that expresses good will
  • We can bless The Lord by what we think, by how we act, by how we love others(1 Chron 29:20, Neh 9:5, Psalm 16:7, Psalm 26:12, Psalm 103, Psalm 104:35, Psalm 115:18, Psalm 134:2)

1. When need is rising (v 1)

  • Bethany is 2 miles East of Jerusalem
  • I’m looking for the time when the need is rising and I’m spending myself for His purposes

2. Give all you can (v 2-3a)

  • Not talking about financial giving, that is too easy
  • If the men are reclining it’s a banquet, 4-6 hours
  • It occurred at Simon the Lepers house
  • Lazarus was there reclining at the table with Jesus
  • Matt 26, Mark 14 are alternate passages
  • Can’t figure out, Luke talks about woman anointing Christ earlier in ministry, is this Mary doing this act twice? Is this the even same Mary? The stories are eerily similar but not explicit.
  • Nard: fragrant oil from the root of the hard plant, rich rose red, sweet scent, likely poured from an alabaster jar; this is seriously expensive; it’s about 14 months wages; 
  • Most expensive perfume Clive Christian $2350 per ounce 
  • Alabaster jar is 12 ounces, no perfume available today that is as expensive as what was poured onto Christ’s feet. Reflects reverence to royalty.
  • Wiping feet with hair is considered immoral; women don’t let their hair down
  • Application: Could I lower myself to this extent?

3. It impacts many (v 3b)

  • The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume
  • Pouring happens in places where no one can see, when no one is watching
  • Impact without cost is not possible
  • If you want to impact my neighbor for Christ it is going to cost me something, no one gives up something for nothing
  • A.W. Towzer “It is doubtful God can use a man greatly before He wounds a man deeply”; 1 Peter 5:7; “too many Christians never get into lion country”
  • Going forward now, it will cost us everything
  • Over the next 10 years HBC desires to plant 1,000 churches if God gives us life and strength

4. The evil will object (v 4-6)

  • Son of Purdition = born with the purpose of populating Hell
  • What people say does not always reveal why they are saying it
  • Kinds of people: wise people – reasonable, exchange ideas, yield to facts; foolish people – don’t talk to a fool because words don’t change a fool, consequences help them learn; wounded people – they don’t think straight because of emotion; evil people; crazy people

5. But Jesus will intervene (v 7)

6. And affirm your priorities (v 8)


  • Biblical ministry flows from the central furnace of passion of Jesus Christ

Notes taken during a message preached by Dr. James MacDonald at Harvest Bible Chapel.

This I know for sure

Don’t get emotional before a big decision, just the facts

1. That God owns it all (1 Chron 29:11-12)
* all glory belongs to God
* all the stuff belongs to God becomes it comes from God alone
* what is God trying to tell me? Because hard problems are spiritual before they are practical – finances, job loss, etc.

2. That partnership with God is the best way out of drought (1 Kings 17:1-16)
* God’s servants, God’s work, God’s house must come first
* Even though she had nothing, she stepped out in faith to meet God’s servants need, so God is able to meet her need.
* it doesn’t matter that as I scan the landscape I cannot see the answer where my help/increase will come from.

3. That God invites us to test Him with our tithes and offerings (Mal 3:8-11)
* the only reason you’re still here is because I don’t change – God
* return comes from stopping stealing from God’s house through keeping my tithes and offerings back.
* stop seeing with your eyes only and start seeing that God is able to bring/create things out of no where

4. That poverty living comes from poverty giving (2 Cor 9:6)

5. That reward for generosity comes in many forms (2 Cor 9:7-15)
* harvest of righteousness
* thanksgiving/contentment